Winner of LSGI Outstanding Alumni Award 2018 - Mr LEUNG Kin-wah, Ray, JP


Mr. Ray Leung, one of the first graduates from the 1-year block-release certificate course and the 2-year part-time day release higher certificate course in land surveying offered by the former Division of Construction and Land Use, the then Hong Kong Polytechnic, in 1981 and 1984 respectively. In 1998, he completed the modular post-graduate schemes and was awarded the degree of MSc in Geo-Information Systems by LSGI.

Mr. Leung has been the Assistant Director of Lands Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since December 2015. He served at the Land Surveyors Registration Committee since 2015 and was appointed as a Justice of the Peace in 2017.

Mr. Leung joined the Government in 1980 as Survey Officer Trainee and worked as Assistant Land Surveyor in 1989. Over his 38-year-experience in the Government, Mr. Leung made significant contributions to both Government and the surveying profession. He has served in various government departments covering a wide range of land surveying functions including the Agriculture, Fisheries & Conservation Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Highways Department and now the Lands Department. Mr. Leung is a strong advocate for the development of Geographic Information System (GIS) in Hong Kong. He had active participation in the development of the Computerised Land Information System of the Lands Department in 1995 followed by revamping of the system to the Land Information System in 2008.

Mr. Leung is assuredly a role model for our LSGI students and graduates, showcasing how LSGI education shines the way leading to a professional career in the Government

Congratulations to Mr. Leung!


Awards for Winners

The winner will receive an Outstanding LSGI Alumni Award certificate. The award presentation ceremony will be held at the PolyU FCE Congregation on 7 November 2018.













Last updated: 1 November 2018