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About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is situated on China's south coast, being surrounded by the South China Sea on the east, south, and west, and borders the Shenzhen city  to the north over the Shen Zhen River. Hong Kong is often described as a place where "East meets West", reflecting the culture's mix of the Chinese roots with the culture brought to it during its time as a British colony. The geographical location has allowed Hong Kong to establish a transportation and logistics infrastructure that includes the world's second busiest container port and the world's busiest airport for international cargo.

Hong Kong is an important center for international finance and trade, with one of the greatest concentrations of corporate headquarters in the Asia-Pacific region. Hong Kong is a highly developed capitalist economy, it is ranked as the freest economy entity in the world by the Index of Economic Freedom every year since 1995. It is known as one of the Four Asian Tigers, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea, for its high growth rates and rapid development from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Hong Kong is one of the most popular destination for international tourists among countries and territories worldwide, with more than 30 million visitors each year since 2010. The sophistication of an international city, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle are at the very core of Hong Kong's attractions. Hong Kong is also recognized as a gastronomic capital of the world. There are about 14,000 restaurants in Hong Kong,  covering a variety of authentic Chinese and Asian foods, or from farther afield.

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Here are some of the most popular tourist attractions:

  • The Peak, a must-see resort in Hong Kong. Looking down from The Peak you will be fascinated by the spectacular view of the world-famous Victoria Harbour.

  • Hong Kong Disneyland Resort at Penny's Bay of Lantau Island, is one of the most popular attractions in Hong Kong.

  • Ocean Park, located at the south of Hong Kong Island, a comprehensive facility of entertainment, education and conservation.

  • Giant Buddha is located at Lantau Island, it is the world's tallest, outdoor, seated bronze Buddha.

  • Repulse Bay, located at the south of Hong Kong Island, is famous for its wide and wave-lapped beach.

  • Golden Bauhinia Square outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the Wan Chai waterfront. The "Forever Blooming Bauhinia" Sculpture (Golden Bauhinia) at the Square is a gift from the China Central Government. The flag-raising ceremony is held every morning here

  • Avenue of Stars, located on the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, a salute to prominent film workers of Hong Kong for their devoted contribution to local and world theatres. 

  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter, situated in Southern District, between the southern part of Hong Kong Island and the island Ap Lei Chau. Visitors can take a sampan ride to enjoy the scenic views of the typhoon shelter or enjoy the seafood cuisine on the floating restaurants.

  • Hong Kong Wetland Park, situated at Tin Shui Wai, is a world-class conservation, education and tourism facility.

  • Ngong Ping 360 is an aerial tramway on Lantau Island. It consists of the 5.7 km Ngong Ping ropeway, a 25-minute cable car ride, offering a spectacular view of the beautiful landscape of Lantau Island.



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