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You are cordially invited to join the IS-GNSS 2017, which will be held at Hong Kong from 10 to 13 December 2017.  It will provide an interdisciplinary forum for leading scientists and researchers from varisous countries/regions to present their latest research and developments on GNSS. Abstracts related (but not limited) to the following topics are welcome to submit to the IS-GNSS 2017.


  • Aircraft and Marine Navigation and Surveillance

  • Autonomous Navigation (Vehicles, Ships, UAVs, Robots)

  • Challenging Navigation Problems

  • Emerging PNT Consumer Applications

  • Geodesy, Surveying and Mapping

  • GNSS Algorithms and Methods

  • GNSS Augmentations

  • GNSS Policy and Status Updates

  • GNSS Receiver Signal Processing and Antenna Technologies

  • GNSS Remote Sensing (Radio Occultation, Reflectometry)

  • High Precision GNSS Correction and Monitoring Networks

  • Indoor Positioning and Mapping / Urban and Personal Navigation

  • Inertial Navigation Systems and Multi-Sensor Integration

  • Interference, Jamming and Spoofing

  • Ionospheric Monitoring and Space Weather Effects on GNSS

  • PPP, RTK and e-GNSS

  • Timing and Scientific Applications


Review Process:

  • Submitted Abstracts will be reviewed

  • Notification of acceptance will be emailed to authors before the deadline

  • Authors of accepted Abstracts will be invited to submit Full Papers




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