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Call for Exhibition

We are sincerely soliciting sponsorship from industry and institution partners. There are three levels of sponsorship, i.e. Diamond, Gold and Silver, and their respective fees and benefits are as follows:


Sponsorship Level

Sponsorship Fee

Diamond HK$ 50,000


HK$ 30,000


HK$ 15,000


Sponsorship Benefit Diamond



Banquet Presentation    

Exhibition Booth

Number of Free Admission to the Conference and Banquet 3 2 1
Page of Color-printing Advertisement in the ISGNSS2017 Program Book 3 2 1
Company Logo and Hyperlink Featured on the ISGNSS2017 Website
Company Logo in the ISGNSS2017 Program Book and Proceedings CD-ROM
Award of Acknowledgement in the ISGNSS2017 Closing Ceremony
Conference Presentation

The exhibition booth selection will be on a first come first served basis, so please plan your exhibition at your earliest convenience. Early bird will enjoy 10% off discount. For more information, please contact us.





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